Complete knowledge of blogging in one

 Complete knowledge of blogging in one post

Hello friends all people are welcome Friend in today's article, we are going to talk about the complete knowledge of blogging, how to start blogging, what is blogging and how to earn money from blogging. What things are needed to keep, all the things are going to be discussed in this post today.

Complete knowledge of blogging in one post

Complete knowledge of blogging in one post

Friends, in today's time, there are many platforms to earn money online, which can give you money online, but blogging is such a way through which you can earn money from blogging very easily and without showing your face in front of people. can

So all the people who are reading this post, I think all the people will be going to step in the field of blogging or have already kept, then for those people I will share some points in blogging if you fit them well in your mind. If you do, you will take away a lot of information from this article.

what is blogging

Friends, when you search how to earn money online on the Internet, then many ways come in front of you, some methods are fraud, but there are some ways in which money can really be earned and people are earning if I talk about that. Do blogging is also one of those subjects, friends blogging is such a medium with the help of which you can convey your ideas to the people and make people aware of your information.

Complete knowledge of blogging in one post

Complete knowledge of blogging in one post in Hindi

If a person wants information about an object and does not use it, in today's time, he searches the internet or searches on YouTube and there are many platforms where that person can get this information. I want to know so I search for it

In the same way a blogger is created, gives information about it, we call it a blogger, you take that content, it is called blogging, a blogger is when he writes some post on his blog and makes it public. So we call it blogging

I hope that all of you must have come to know that what is blogging and who is called a blogger, friends, after this, let's talk about some more points.

What is the benefit of blogging

Friends, if you people blogging, then you get to know about many subjects and you also know about those things which you do not know when you write articles on topics like this and write posts continuously. If you go, there is a lot of information storage in your mind and you become a knowledgeable person who has good knowledge about every subject.

Friends, what are you going to benefit from blogging, then the first thing is that blogging increases your thinking ability to a great extent, not that you copy someone else's post and after that you put it on your blog. So your brain power will not increase

Your confidence will also go down because when you read the posts of people who are posting well on the blog and you are copying their post, then you will think that I cannot do this and other people are doing it. Your confidence in it will be down

Another advantage you will get from blogging is that you can also earn money through blogging, if you are a blogger and you are blogging, then you should give some time to blogging and after some time you can also earn money.

Friends, when you move forward slowly in your blogging career, then your blog will become popular in front of people and people will like your information, knowledge and so will the traffic on your website or your blog

Complete knowledge of blogging in one post

After that you can use ads on your blog by taking Google AdSense approval, so that you can earn money, friends, in today's time, advertisement is very popular, people advertise in different ways to sell their product, so yah One way is Google AdSense, with the help of which big companies pay advertising money for their products, then the second advantage will be that you can earn a lot of money with the help of Google AdSense.

how to earn money from blogging

Friends, if you are blogging and your blog becomes popular, then after that you can earn money from your blog too. get help

1. Google AdSense


Friends, Google AdSense is a platform of Google, with the help of which we can place ads on our blog and you have to create an account on it, after creating an account, as soon as you start seeing ads on your website.

2. Affiliate market

Friends, you can earn money from your blog even from affiliate market. Affiliate market is a kind of product selling business, in this you can join affiliate of any company and earn money by showing its product on your blog.

3. Product selling

Friends, you can also sell any of your products from your blog, if you make a product or if you manufacture a product, then you can sell this product.

4. Sponsorship advertising

Friends, if you have made your blog very popular, then after that big companies contact you to use the link of this product, instead we will give you money, then there are many such companies that do sponsorship advertising in this way. Tax comes to your product so you can earn money from them too

how to start blogging

Friends, people all over the world are blogging in today's time and are earning money from blogging, so why don't we also earn money by blocking, so let me tell you some ways by which you can start blogging, first of all you have to go to any one You have to choose the blogging platform on which you want to blog, on which you want to write your blog.

 There are many such platforms that provide you a good blog website.

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

3. Wix

4. Ghost


6. Gator etc..

How to do free blogging

Friends, if you want to do blogging absolutely free, you want to earn money from your blog, then I am going to tell you a way, you can use blogger.

Friends blogger is a Google platform on which you can write your articles, you can write your blog, for this you have to go to blogger website and sign up on it, after signing up you have to create your website name and your website domain. have to do

If you are facing any problem in creating a blogger blog, then by clicking on this link you can learn how to create a blogger site.

How to do Paid Blogging

Friends, in today's time, there are many websites for paid blogging, which provide you server hosting and many tools, but they have their own monthly charge, such as their charge up to $ 8, $ 10, $ 15, $ 80, which you have to pay monthly. Is

There are different ways to create your blog on these sites, the type of site you want to make your own, all of them will be different because it is a paid blog that provides you a domain and hosting server. Is

How to choose a topic for blogging

Friends, now it comes to how we choose a topic for blogging, friends, there are many such categories on which people have written millions of articles, so I would tell you that you start your blog in the same category, which attracts a lot of people. Like it and also go to trending your website

There is also a way that you can write a post on a popular category, but for that I give you some notes, if you want to write a block on a popular category, then for that you have to do 4-5 posts continuously for one day because as soon as possible. You will add keywords on it, so soon your blog, website will come in traffic and views will also start coming on it.

So that's why I would like to tell you that whoever wants to create a blog on the popular category, they will have to work harder on their blog. The keyword is that rank above other people's keywords

And keywords rank only when your post is good, some information has been given on your post, then try to give apni information to people as good as possible.

Make your post according to the people

Friends, when you think about a topic for your article that I am going to write my article on this topic, I am going to make my post public, try to give as much information as possible about that topic minimum 3000 words in post

How to write first post on blog

Friends, when you start writing your first post, first of all you should think that on which topic I am going to write my post today, when you guys think that I want to write my post on this topic like Let me tell you that if you want to write your post about the UP Board exam, then you have to read as much information as possible regarding that subject.

When you read these information, do not write that information exactly like them, write the post with your mind in such a way that someone else's post does not match with my post, write from your experience about what you have felt. When you write a post on your blog in this way, people understand your feelings and your value increases for those people, only then people will want to visit your website again and again on your blog.

 1. Post title

First of all, you have to write the title of your post, the title should be such that people also think about that topic, ask questions about that topic, you have to think how people can ask questions to Google like If you want information about a cricket player Rishabh Pant, then what will you search on Google?

Give complete information about Yehi Na Rishabh Pant

Or complete information about Rishabh pant in Hindi

Or who is Rishabh pant

In this way, if you ask a question, then you also have to look at these questions and take out whatever keywords are there and use them in your title. When you blog like this, you will become popular and your keywords also Google. Google will show your post in top result

2. Post body

In this, first of all, you have to re-enter your title in the post body, then whatever things you have sourced about the topic, you have searched about the topic, all those things which you have noted in all those things. Add point to point to your post and whatever keywords you have searched about it, fit all the things in such a way that the reader does not feel that it is a keyword and in this way it has been fitted.

In your post body, take special care of heading, major heading, subheading and use them in the post.

3. Use photos in your posts

When you write your post completely, then it comes to the man that you should use the photo in your post because a post is life, a photo if you have written a good article on any topic, but you have given information. If you have not used a photo in it, then your post will look very strange and will not look good.

Many people say that 1000 words is equal to a photo, it is absolutely right friends if you have written 1000 words and put a photo, then a photo is equal to 1000 words because we feel all those things in a photo. what you are going to tell in your post

A photo introduces the whole post, so use the photo in your post and go to its setting and also use the keyword in it, use the keyword related to the topic on which you are writing the post in your photo.

4. Tags and label

After writing your post, you have to use labels, if you use tags, you have to use labels, create tags for the topic on which you have written the post

It helps a lot in getting your post rank, you can also ad the page in your post with the help of this, so make sure to use label or tags in your post.

5. Post description

 Make a nice small description for the topic on which you have written your post and after making it, you should add it to the description of your post.

6. Post check

 When your post is completely complete, you write the title, write your complete knowledge, information in the body post, put the labels, put the description, then preview your post once and see how your post is will be visible from

If you see some mistake in your post, then edit it and after editing you have to make that post public.


Friends, through this post, how do I block you, how to earn money from blocking, how you can do blogging, how to write a post, you have told with complete information about all the things, you follow these things. Do and do not follow any thing, first you learn all these things and apply them on your blog, then you can collect further information.

I hope that all the brothers and all bloggers would have liked this post of mine, if you liked this post, then definitely share this post thank you


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